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What Does ‘Diversity’ Look Like at United? – HotAir

Twitter is all aflutter over DEI initiatives in the airline industry.

As I wrote on Monday, the FAA is desperately looking for blind, paralyzed,intellectually disabled, one-armed psychopaths to fill its ranks. It would be great if they were dwarves, too. If you think I am exaggerating, read the piece and weep.

Boeing, too, is focused on DEI, and Alaska Airlines is proud to have its gay employees perform for you as you wait for their flights. Southwest is proud of its all-female flight crews, bragging that excluding 50% of the population from crewing a plane is a step on the road to diversity or something.

Nobody seems to care much about safety anymore. That is apparently a white supremacist concept or something.

United Airlines wants to win the diversity prize and is determined to outdo everybody else in the DEI race to the bottom. The company even added a letter to the acronym, calling it DEIB, with the B standing for “belonging.”

I think they have a very different understanding of just who belongs in a cockpit than I do.

Not only is the CEO promising a quota for “diverse” candidates to be hired as pilots, but the company has just promoted a transgender pilot to lead its diversity efforts.

They had me at transgender pilot. I’m out. I thought we all agreed to stay out of other people’s bedrooms. Fine. But if you want to practice a fetish then keep it out of the cockpit and the public at large.

Not to be outdone, the CEO of United is, himself, apparently into drag. And, it seems, he brings his fetish into work, sponsoring drag events through the company.

Again, if you have autogynophilic tendencies I haven’t a problem–if you don’t drag it out into the world. A CEO shouldn’t make a decent chunk of the population look askance and wonder if they are serious, competent people. Drag is not a good look for a serious professional.

This is not confidence-inspiring.

United is so committed to “diversity” that its Chief Diversity Officer and her team are…100% black. And their DEI page features a photo montage with no white people. “Diverse?” Not so much.

In the language of DEI, though, “diverse” is an adjective describing a person’s background, not an adjective describing a group made up on people from many different backgrounds and experiences.

Hence all Black people are “diverse,” as are all persons who are not white men. Hence a 100% black group is by definition diverse. If they were all clones they would be diverse, as long as they are not white and male.

As you no doubt know one of the key things about anything “critical” is that words no longer mean what they have in common parlance. Words are not descriptive, but creations to be manipulated to create useful (and usually false/propagandistic) impressions.

I know I am revealing myself to be hopelessly prejudiced but for the CEO of an airline, I would like a well-dressed, professional-looking, and boring person who inspires confidence. The less weird, the better. Pilots should fit this category. More “Right Stuff” please.

I know, I know. That makes me an outlier these days.

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