UK Lawmakers Reluctant to Work in Palace of Westminster Due to Poor Conditions – Reports

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MOSCOW, (Sputnik) – British MPs have been reluctant to work in the “cold” and “crumbling” Palace of Westminster in London and are working remotely as much as possible because of unsatisfactory and outdated safety conditions of the building. “There are numerous problems with the parliamentary estate. It’s creaking under the weight of several thousands of people working on it, which the older parts of the estate weren’t built for,” Jenny Symmons, chair of the GMB trade union branch representing members of parliament, was quoted as saying by the newspaper. The Houses of Parliament building has not been properly repaired since before the Second World War, which now poses increasing risks of fire and falling masonry, the newspaper reported. The building’s restoration is not expected before the next general election in the United Kingdom that should take place in the second half of 2024 and no later than January 28, 2025. WorldSir, You Are Being Watched: UK Police Secretly Used Passport Database for Facial Recognition6 January, 12:21 GMTHowever, parliamentary authorities reportedly insist that they are taking steps to keep the building in working order. “We work hard to keep parliament safe for both the members of the public that visit and for the staff and parliamentarians that work here — and where issues are identified, we act quickly to address them,” a House of Commons spokesperson was quoted as saying by the newspaper. Economy10,000 UK Homeowners Face ‘Mortgage Prisoner’ Crisis1 January, 14:47 GMTThe Palace of Westminster was constructed in the 11th century as a royal palace, and was the primary royal residence until 1512, when a fire destroyed the royal apartments. The English monarch then moved to the adjacent Palace of Whitehall, but the rest of the building continued to serve as the Parliament of England. In 1834, another major fire destroyed most of the palace, but Westminster Hall was preserved and incorporated into the replacement palace. The Palace of Westminster has been a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.


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