Syria’s Defense Ministry Says 8 Soldiers Died South of Palmyra in Bus Attack

SDF vehicles move to quash a Daesh (ISIS) prisoner uprising in Hasakah, northeast Syria. May 3, 2020.

CAIRO (Sputnik) – The Syrian Defense Ministry said Tuesday that eight servicepeople have been killed and another 13 people have been injured as a result of a terrorist attack on a bus south of the city of Palmyra in the Syrian governorate of Homs. “Eight soldiers and one civilian were killed, another 13 people, including two civilians, were injured as a result of a terrorist attack with the use of an explosive device on a military bus in the Syrian Desert south of Palmyra today at noon,” the ministry said in a statement. A security source told Sputnik earlier on Tuesday that an explosion in a bus in the governorate of Homs has killed nine soldiers and injured another 22 troops. The source added that the bomb had been planted by terrorists of the Daesh* terrorist group.* Daesh (ISIS/ISIL/IS) is a terrorist organization banned in Russia and many other countries.


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