Supporting Ukraine ‘Tough, Painful’ – UK Foreign Secretary

Ukrainian recruits take part in a live fire training exercise at a military base with UK Armed Forces in Southern EnglandInternationalIndiaAfricaMOSCOW (Sputnik) – UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said on Saturday that supporting Ukraine in its conflict with Russia is tough and painful. “This is tough and this is painful. But it will only be more tough and more painful if we falter,” Cleverly said in an interview with. The UK’s government position concerning the matter is resolute, he said, adding that fatigue from the conflict exists and that it is a “big thing.” When Russia launched its special military operation to protect the people of Donbass from Ukrainian aggression, the UK and other Western nations increased their arms supplies to the Kiev regime. Moscow officials have repeatedly stressed that arming neo-Nazis will only prolong the conflict while ultimately not affecting its outcome, adding that Western military equipment is a legitimate target. Meanwhile, public opinion in the U.S. and Europe is growing tired of the Ukrainian crisis and Kiev’s never-ending demands. British officials reportedly even told Zelensky that they are “not Amazon” and advised him to be grateful for the support they have already provided.


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