Sputnik Reporter, His Wife Injured in Drone Attack in Belgorod Region, Their Daughter Killed

Khaibar Akifi InternationalIndiaAfricaThe Kiev regime has been sending drones into Russian territory almost daily since it launched its botched counteroffensive in early June, with Russian Air Defenses striking down multiple Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) over Belgorod Region.A Sputnik journalist and his wife were wounded in a Ukrainian Armed Forces drone strike near Belgorod, while their daughter was killed, said Dmitry Kiselyov, head of Rossiya Segodnya Russian state-media group, Sputnik’s parent company.“As a result of a Ukrainian drone strike, our employee, 29-year-old Akifi Khaibar, who works in the Afghan editorial office of Sputnik, and his Russian wife Olesya, sustained serious injuries and are currently in intensive care. A huge tragedy has occurred… the family lost a child – their 4-year-old daughter Amina was killed in the strike,” said Kiselyov.RussiaThree Dead After Ukrainian Drone Debris Falls on House in Russia’s Belgorod 04:10 GMT“The Kiev regime embarked upon this terrorist attack on peaceful villages in Russia out of desperation, in response to what was happening on the battlefront. We are doing everything possible to help the family, support them, heal them,” said Kiselyov, adding that a decision was being taken as to whether it is necessary to transport the wounded to Moscow.The general director of the Rossiya Segodnya media group lamented the fact that these losses among the media group’s journalist staff were not the first.“We remember Andrei Stenin, who died in 2014, and Rostislav Zhuravlev, our military correspondent, who died this summer and was buried in Yekaterinburg,” he said.The wife of the Sputnik journalist, who was wounded with him during Ukraine’s drone attack, is an employee of the Belgorod State Technological University (BSTU named after V. G. Shukhov), candidate of philological sciences Olesya Akifi.According to a Sputnik source, the couple had been visiting their elderly relatives. It was added that the wounded woman does not yet know about the death of her daughter.Earlier in the day, regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov had said on Telegram that a child died when debris from a drone shot down by Russian air defenses collapsed on a house near the Russian city of Belgorod, causing a fire.”Three people, including a small child, died,” Gladkov said.Ukraine has been attacking Russia’s Belgorod region over the past months, targeting civilian infrastructure. Kiev resorts to aerial attacks by drones and missiles, while also sending sabotage groups. Russian Armed Forces have been successfully downing the UAVs, intercepting missiles and wiping out sabotage groups.RussiaUkraine Attacks Village in Russia’s Belgorod Region With Cluster Munitions22 July, 10:14 GMT


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