Special Counsel Interviews Biden in Classified Documents Probe

U.S. Attorney Robert Hur arrives at U.S. District Court in Baltimore on Nov. 21, 2019.InternationalIndiaAfricaUS President Joe Biden became the latest American head of state to be interviewed by a Justice Department investigator probing possible criminal activity. Then-Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have also been interviewed, and Donald Trump refused an interview but opted to answer written questions instead.The White House revealed on Monday that US President Joe Biden has complied with a request for an interview by the special counsel investigating the discovery of classified documents in Biden’s home and offices.

“As we have said from the beginning, the president and the White House are cooperating with this investigation, and as it has been appropriate, we have provided relevant updates publicly, being as transparent as we can consistent with protecting and preserving the integrity of the investigation,” a White House spokesperson said, noting the interview was conducted on Sunday and Monday and was voluntary.

Special Counsel Robert Hur was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland in January to head the investigation into several discoveries of classified documents at Biden’s Delaware home and some offices that he used while teaching at the University of Pennsylvania. The documents date to the time when Biden was vice resident from 2009 to 2017.Upon their discovery, the US National Archives was notified and given the documents in November 2022, according to the White House.Sputnik ExplainsBiden Latest of Five US Presidents to Face or Be Threatened With Impeachment29 September, 18:15 GMTHur has also interviewed several members of Biden’s staff in connection with the case, from both his vice-presidential days and his current administration. Those figures have included: former White House counsel Dana Remus; former White House chief of staff, Ron Klain; national security adviser Jake Sullivan; and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The latter two also served as advisors to Biden when he was Vice President.

News of the incidents came several months after the FBI raided the Florida estate of former US President Donald Trump to seize several hundred classified files that were suspected of being kept there, after months of back-and-forth with the National Archives and Department of Justice had failed to secure them.

In the time since, Trump has been charged in a federal criminal case connected to the alleged mishandling of the documents, which the former president claims he declassified before leaving office in early 2021. Biden has not yet faced charges in his own classified documents probe.Biden is also the subject of an impeachment inquiry by the US House of Representatives, which is probing potential criminal behavior in the president’s relationship with his businessman son, Hunter. No charges have been brought in that probe, either, which spans the elder Biden’s vice-presidential and presidential terms.


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