Russian Armed Forces Carry Out 20 Attacks on Ukrainian Positions

 / Go to the mediabank A serviceman from a Russian air defense rapid reaction group. File photo / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaAfter several delays, Ukraine launched its much-hyped counteroffensive against Russian forces in early June. Citing the needs of this stalled campaign, Kiev urged its Western donors to increase military and financial aid.Aircraft and heavy flamethrower systems of the Russian Armed Forces have carried out 20 strikes on the positions of the Ukrainian forces in the direction of Kupyansk, said Sergei Zybinsky, head of the press center of the Zapad battlegroup.

"In the direction of Kupyansk, Su-34 fighter-bomber crews carried out seven airstrikes on the temporary positions of Ukrainian units of the 7th rifle battalion and territorial defense units in the areas of Nevskoye, Novolubovka," Zybinsky said.

He added that crews of Ka-52 and Mi-28 attack helicopters and the group’s attack aircraft carried out 12 missile attacks on the concentrations of troops, weapons and military equipment of the Ukrainian 25th airborne brigade, the 14th and 32nd mechanized brigades in the areas of the settlements of Sinkovka, Ivanovka, Stelmakhovka and Berestovoye. Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineNever Mind Funding, West Has No More Arms to Give to UkraineYesterday, 17:45 GMTFurthermore, in the direction of Makeyevka, a heavy flamethrower system hit the concentration area of the 66th mechanized brigade. Total enemy losses amounted to up to a unit of soldiers, two tanks, seven mortars, an AN/TPQ-37 counter-battery radar station, six pick-up trucks and two drones, Zybinsky concluded.


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