Jackson Hinkle: Western Elites Want War Against Russia, China

B-52H Stratofortresses from the 2nd Bomb Wing line up on the runway at Barksdale Air Force Base, La., Oct. 14, 2020. The B-52 is a long-range, heavy bomber that can perform a variety of missions and has been the backbone of U.S. strategic bomber forces for more than 60 years.InternationalIndiaAfricaThe US establishment is not hesitant to start World War Three to maintain its globalist dominance, American political commentator Jackson Hinkle told Sputnik’s New Rules podcast.”I guess Tucker [Carlson] has got a point when he says, ‘I’m willing to bet my house that Joe Biden is going to start World War Three with Russia,’ because look what they’ve done,” Jackson Hinkle told Sputnik. “These people are insane. Even like, taking [ex-House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi on her jet to go to Taiwan and meet with Taiwanese officials. There was a lot of people, myself included, who were thinking, ‘Goodness, the [Chinese] People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is going to shoot her out of the sky or something right now? Is this going to be how it all begins?’ They’re reckless. They are completely Russophobic and beating the drums of war to go to war with China.”Moreover, the American elite’s hostility toward Russia has surpassed that of the Cold War era, leading to a worrying breakdown in communications between Washington and Moscow, according to the political commentator.”The level of communication breakdown is so severe compared to the Cold War,” he said. “I got to meet the guy that actually developed the telephone, they had the red hotline telephone between the US and the USSR during the Cold War. And he told me he’s like, ‘there’s nothing like that right now in the White House. There’s no communication whatsoever.’ And we’re not too far off from that same sort of a lack of dialogue with the Chinese, because they want to go to war against the Chinese.”

It did not happen overnight, according to the analyst. Over the past 30 years, Washington and its allies have reneged on all the pledges they made to Moscow at the end of the Cold War. One of them was a verbal promise that NATO would not extend an inch east of Germany. “NATO since then, at the behest of the US, has violated that promise on 16 occasions now,” Hinkle remarked. The transatlantic alliance does not conceal its plans to draw in Ukraine and possibly Georgia, thus moving even closer to Russia’s borders.WorldHow Washington-Moscow Hotline Kept the World Safe for 60 Years30 August, 14:29 GMT

US Elites Seek to Dismantle Economic Alternative Offered by Russia & China

The emergence of a multipolar world order – with Russia and China at the forefront of the movement – is challenging the globalist Great Reset aimed at prolonging centuries of Western colonial hegemony, according to Hinkle.

"[The multipolar world] poses a serious threat to the West's effort to secure the Eurasian heartland, which that's been like the basis of US foreign policy for so long, is to have control over the people and the resources in the Eurasian heartland, which of course encompasses Russia," Hinkle said. "And now that Russia and China and these other countries more and more and more are working together to form BRICS and develop a new currency that's going to challenge the dollar, I would be worried if I was the United States and I was also refusing to do business with them. We could just do business with them and we'd all win, but they're not going to do that."

At the recent BRICS summit, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, in August, the group’s participants condemned the West’s unfair trade practices and unilateral sanctions and discussed the increased use of national currencies and domestic financial mechanisms instead of the US dollar. The Global South leans toward Russia and China, whose economies have proven remarkably resilient despite Western predictions of imminent collapse. Moreover, in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), China has overtaken the US as the world’s largest economy. Russia, for its part, overtook Europe’s three largest economies – France, the UK and Germany – in PPP terms in 2022.RussiaPepe Escobar: Russia, BRICS, SCO Partners Need to Work on Unification of Payment Systems11 September, 16:01 GMT”The State Department and Wall Street are very concerned,” the US political analyst said. “I think the State Department currently, as it presents itself, is just a tool of Wall Street, because what is Wall Street? Wall Street is just this Byzantine labyrinth of predatory economic schemes. It’s rent, it’s interests. It’s speculation on stocks. All of this is just BS. It’s nothing. And at the end of the day, when you compare that sort of an economy to what China and Russia represent, which is real production that’s aimed at uplifting the public good, China’s lifted 840 million people out of poverty over the last 40 years through developing oil, gas, coal, doing land reform, silver, gold, all these things and more, agricultural goods. Yeah, that is a challenge to the West, and it’s a substantive one because the West doesn’t produce anything anymore. We outsourced all our manufacturing. So what is left? Nothing, really. And that can crumble very easily if there’s a real challenge.”Jackson HinkleAmerican political commentator

Russia and China Aren’t Enemies of US People

It’s not Russia and China that pose a real threat to Americans, Hinkle emphasized, but those who hoard all U.S. resources and act contrary to U.S. national interests.”We have this rich group of people in America that are hoarding all of our resources. Some of these large investment firms like BlackRock and Vanguard. (…) BlackRock, they’re making money off of all this real estate. Bill Gates is as well. Why is it that they get to buy up all the real estate, but 60,000 American veterans have to sleep out on the streets every night? That’s supposed to be acceptable, and we’re not supposed to question that?” Hinkle asked.”There is no reason for them to be running free on yachts and traveling back and forth to Lake Como, to the Hamptons and wherever when average Americans are being put in prison because they can’t pay their taxes, because we’re sending $250 billion to Ukraine, and hundreds of millions to Taiwan. The people that are our enemies are really this globalist class of finance capital that are sucking out every last bit of breath from the American public in the working class. For anyone who thinks that Russia or China or whoever is our enemy, they’re sorely mistaken. Your enemy is Wall Street, World Economic Forum, the DC Beltway region and the City of London,” the political commentator continued.The neocons in the Biden administration, Wall Street and the U.S. military-industrial complex have already profited from Washington’s proxy war in Ukraine and are salivating at the opportunity to profit even more from the US conflict with China. However, these overseas conflicts have nothing to do with core US interests. What’s worse, these proxy wars would most certainly backfire, according to the analyst.“I think a lot of people have their eyes set on China and a war with China, and I think that’s what they really want. And I think that [they’re also eyeing] a war with Russia. I pray that there’s no World War Three with Russia. That’s how it starts,” Hinkle concluded.EconomyJeffrey Sachs: US Sanctions Against Russia and China Destined to Fail16 September, 12:00 GMT


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