Czech Republic Introduces Border Controls With Slovakia From Wednesday – Interior Ministry

Czech PoliceInternationalIndiaAfricaMOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Czech Republic has decided to introduce controls at the country’s border with Slovakia as part of measures to counter illegal migration starting October 4, Czech Interior Minister Vit Rakusan said on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski said that Warsaw is introducing controls on its border with Slovakia for 10 days with the possibility of extension. “From October 4, we will introduce temporary controls at the border with Slovakia. We are talking about the measures necessary to effectively combat groups of organizers of illegal crossings and illegal migration,” Rakusan wrote on social media. The measures were taken in coordination with Poland and will last 10 days, until October 13, with the possibility of further extension, the minister added. Later in the day, Slovakia’s Dennik N newspaper reported that the Slovak government would discuss the issue of border control on Wednesday. In mid-September, the country’s former prime minister and the Smer party leader, Robert Fico, called on the Slovak government to reintroduce border controls with Hungary. Slovak Prime Minister Ludovit Odor responded by saying that border measures would not solve the problem of undocumented migrants, but would require increased government spending. WorldGermany Seeking to Introduce Border Controls With Poland, Czech Republic – Minister23 September, 23:43 GMTSlovak police detained 17,529 undocumented migrants in the first seven months of this year, an increase of 15,611 compared to last year, the Balkan Insight news portal reported, adding that as of September 3, police had detained more than 27,000 people. Slovak police chief Stefan Hamran said at a press conference last month that migrants do not stay in Slovakia, but go to other European countries, especially Germany and Austria, where they ask for asylum.


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