Chaos & Panic: Mercs Bolt From Ukraine as Russian Strikes Torpedo All Western Efforts

Social media screenshot: Israeli mercenary in Ukraine revealed failed counteroffensive attempt

Foreign hired guns are fleeing Ukraine as powerful Russian attacks cripple the Ukrainian military, the Turkish newspaper dikGAZETE reported.Ukraine has assumed the role of a subcontractor for the Western powers. The Kiev regime is deploying weapons supplied by NATO on its own soil, under the guise of “field-testing against Russia”. Furthermore, the Ukrainians have resorted to carrying out terrorist attacks on Russian cities, following the failure of their highly-touted summer counteroffensive on the front lines, the paper wrote.Kiev has changed its tactics and started organizing “drone” and missile attacks on the territory of Crimea and other regions. The Zelensky regime continues to target civilian areas, and not Russian military strategic points.”Western mercenary companies are already scaling back their support for the Kiev regime because they could only deliver corpses, not victory flags, to their owners,” the publication said.Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineAnother US Mercenary Bites the Dust on Ukrainian Battlefield20 December 2023, 15:46 GMTThe article also noted that Russian forces are relentlessly targeting NATO weapons delivered to Ukraine.

"The Ukrainian Armed Forces, supported by virtually the whole world, primarily Western countries, couldn't even effectively use the modern military equipment provided to them. In particular, NATO weapons transported to Ukraine via Poland were immediately destroyed and continue to be destroyed by Russian missiles," the article pointed out.

The publication noted that the Ukrainian military is in a dire situation, losing the ability to launch offensives.”Having lost in hand-to-hand combat on the front lines, they can only resort to terrorist attacks on Russian territory with the support of militarized formations,” dikGAZETE reported.Earlier, French General Jean-Paul Palomero stated on the LCI channel that Russia’s military industry is on the rise, yet, in contrast, Ukraine can no longer replenish its technical and human resources, especially given the decline in Western support at a crucial moment.


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