Ammo Apocalypse: Ukraine’s Defense Infrastructure Wiped Out in Record Time

A damaged gas pipe line by a Russian rocket attack, in Kiev, Ukraine, Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2024.

Russian forces are swiftly demolishing Ukraine’s defense industry facilities that have been developed over a considerable period of time, wrote retired Royal Air Force Vice Marshal Sean Bell in an article for Sky News.After nearly two years of high-intensity conflict, Ukraine and its Western “donors” face significant ammunition supply challenges.”Ukraine has a fledgling industrial base that is very vulnerable to Russian missile attacks – it takes months to build manufacturing capability, and a single strike by Russia to destroy it,” he said.According to the expert, without constant military support from the West, Ukraine is “destined to become overwhelmed” by Russia.“Russia has a huge defense industrial base that has shifted on to a war footing, funded by huge oil revenues. Russia is rearming, and fast,” he noted.In early January, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that Moscow’s forces had targeted Ukrainian defense industry facilities in Kiev and its suburbs, including those involved in missile production.Since October 10, 2022, Russian forces have launched missile attacks on energy facilities, defense industries, military command and communications centers across Ukraine.As Russian President Vladimir Putin stated at the time, the first assualt was a response to the Kiev regime’s terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge. Since then, air-raid alerts have sounded on a daily basis in Ukrainian regions, sometimes throughout the country.Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineRussia Strikes Ukrainian Military Facilities With Kinzhal Missiles – MoDYesterday, 10:20 GMT


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